The third chapter: Naruto wars first Itachi

The third chapter: Naruto wars first ItachiTo show people that look Sasuke don't think I know who it is,nike shoes Outlet store besides his one brother, people nature can only be weasel, weasel like you would have been cool that lies at the heart of it, the ferret and the original look the same, but his eyes in less than the original a cold, a spoiled.This is the first time I've seen Sasuke's brother, Itachi, a mature, pathetic man with family hatred."Sasuke, is he...?"" Itachi nodded to Sasuke and looked at me.jordan shoes Outlet store "Naruto, the Ninja school friend."." Sasuke replied.Naruto, the son of the four generation."...... Nine tails of human pole?" Itachi thought to himself, but nodded to me as a greeting and then left with Sasuke, a good opportunity to take advantage of it.ust the first meeting of Naruto and Itachi in the original book should be in the search for gang man's journey. In that hotel, is it the butterfly effect of my arrival? I had no idea that I would meet so soon."Naruto" while I went home, combinations of teacher's voice came, don't think, today the Hand-Pulled Noodle do not need the money.The combinations of the teacher"Naruto, go ahead and invite you to have Ramen today......""Thank you teachers by lucas"........... adidas shoes Outlet store I Anjiao of a bad, how do I put the three generation crystal ball to forget, it seems that I should practice and Sasuke in the three generation of eyes, I thought nobody outside except Itachi find it, but I have no self-discipline sex operation, otherwise three generation will die of ischemia."Was it found?" Woo, Bo, and the Nine Tailed little devil. From "" water escape, Itachi 'curse, right hand mudra, mudra speed I can clearly know this guy is a jounin.nike shoes online store The "thousand kill water Xiang" white ninjutsuma quickly called me out, I had white Ninjutsu, fortunately, this trick to save money is to steal my tricks, but is a revision, the blood may limit problem, I can't use ice attack, revision the "thousand kill Xiang water 'has its role, although not.jordan shoes online store The water hose from numerous intraoperative stripped out and in turn towards the "weasel" of the past, as for Sasuke, naturally with their family Huodun jutsu - "Huodun - Impatiens fire", a little surprised color three generation looks at Sasuke mudra speed, I had seen in many novels from the original summed up the advanced bidding if used out,adidas shoes online store too much physical load, so the trick is not fatal, so death is their own.


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