After professional testing equipment, wood flooring itself does not exist quality problems, manufacturers have no responsibility. It is understood that maintenance of the wooden floor too often can cause arching, deformation and other issues.As the wooden floor to maintain the natural wood, moisture in the air has a certain degree of moisture absorption, the environment is too dry or too dry will produce dry shrinkage, swelling, resulting in deformation, cracking.

Oil really can keep the wooden floor light, to extend its life, but the oil contains moisture, excessive use of wooden floor caused by a lot of water, wet and dry imbalances arching.Xiaobian reminded: Routine maintenance should be careful not to use acidic liquid wipe to avoid sharp objects scratch the ground, do not throw cigarette butts on the wooden floor or directly placed too hot things.

In addition, the usual wooden floor once a month with oleum maintenance, spring and summer maintenance of two to three months time, at the same time should be selected for the maintenance of the floor dedicated oleum, to avoid damage to the floor.

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