The frequency of use of wood flooring and maintenance should be matched

1, because the wood floor under the windowsill or the doorway and floor tiles in contact with each other's location and the humidity changes in the lower floor is the largest, and sometimes, sometimes rain, humidity near the windowsill, sunny day is the opposite.

This easy to cause adverse effects on the wooden floor, this time the use of bamboo charcoal to prevent damp wood flooring deformation. Bamboo charcoal because the molecular structure is hexagonal, hard texture, and super-absorbent, so the use of such moisture adsorption bamboo charcoal placed under the floor, not only to prevent moldy wooden floor or deformation, but also to extend Wood floor life.

2, wood flooring in the production process, the use of paint, there are other materials such as will also use glue and other materials, it will inevitably produce harmful gases. Especially nowadays, many families begin to use lacquered wood floors, but this will lead to more and more gaps between the floors, which will lead to more and more convection of harmful gases.

However, the trace elements released in charcoal help to improve the overall environment, but also to optimize the air in the air, so choose to place bamboo flooring under the wood floor is the best choice.

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