really understand. The scientific name of PVC material

the type of gypsum board, performance And application. Gypsum plaster board with ordinary paper gypsum board, waterproof gypsum board and fire-resistant gypsum board three. Ordinary gypsum board is semi-hydrated gypsum and nursing paper as the main raw material, with appropriate amount of fiber, adhesive, coagulant, retarder, the slurry preparation, molding, cutting, drying and made of light sheet .

Face paper (dedicated thick paper) plays a major role in improving sheet bending, impact resistance. Water-resistant plaster board is a building plaster as the main raw material, mixed with appropriate amount of admixture to form a water-resistant core material, and water-resistant surface protection paper firmly bonded together light building board. Fire-resistant gypsum plaster board is gypsum-based

building, adding appropriate amount of inorganic refractory fiber reinforcement to form the core material, and firmly bonded with the nursing paper fire-resistant lightweight construction materials. 1. Specifications General, water, fire three types of gypsum plasterboard according to the shape of the edge is divided into rectangular (code Pj), 45 "chamfered (code PD), wedge (code PC), semicircle Round

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