hotels,Mineral wool sound-absorbing panels is a kind of decoration materials, commonly used in ceiling decoration, ceiling decoration materials have many kinds, in ceiling is good? What are the advantages and disadvantages? First, the mineral wool sound-absorbing panels Mineral wool sound-absorbing panels have a very good decorative effect, because the plate

surface treatment is very rich form. Common treatment methods are: knurling, punching and so on. In addition, there is a very beautiful embossed mineral wool board. This sheet is stamped and formed, rich in patterns and beautiful. So, many people like to use this material to ceiling. Second, mineral wool acoustic panels ceiling ceiling with this plate, is still very good. There are many mineral wool sound-

absorbing panels ceiling structure, there are a variety of forms of ceiling. Such as Ming keel hoisting. This form of ceiling, the replacement of plates, are very easy to install. Many people choose this method. In addition, there is a way to ceiling, composite paste ceilings. This form of ceiling is very innovative, it is in the same plane and space with a variety of patterns and flexible combination. Of course, different

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