In response to the demand for Gigabit services and future SDN evolution, Huawei launched the first distributed architecture access platform MA5800 at the 2014 World Broadband Forum. It brings several changes to fixed access, including better 4K/8K/VR video experiences, massive and flexible Gigabit bandwidth provisioning, flattened access networks, and open and fast service provisioning capabilities.

Based on the open and programmable software and hardware architecture, the MA5800 uses distributed switching, which increases the switching capacity by 5-10 times and meets the requirements of 1Gbps and even 10Gbps scale deployments for homes, businesses, and mobile base stations, as well as future SDN evolution requirements. In short, the centralized OLT is equivalent to an intersection with traffic lights. The master control board is the bottleneck of forwarding. In the distributed architecture, each service board can handle the forwarding service, just as if each bridge had a viaduct built. , to ensure the smooth flow of business.

The bandwidth of the MA5800 is 5-10 times that of the traditional OLT. The single-frame MA5800 can meet 16,000 home users to watch 4K video at the same time. It can also cope with 8K and VR.

When massive users watch videos online at the same time, the MA5800 cooperates with the cloud operating system through the built-in U-vMOS probes to calculate U-vMOS scores for key nodes of the access network such as OLT uplink boards, PON service boards, and ONTs. The video quality of experience monitoring and fault fast delimitation processing are realized, making video operation and maintenance faster and more convenient.

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