relying on imported plates, but more importantly,wood plastic composite economic recycle floor it is planted from its own raw materials. The industrial chain from production of substrates to production of laminate flooring until product marketing has been basically completed.Sina Financial News As an industry association of domestic flooring manufacturers,[url=http://graypantherstwincities.org/discount/392-floor-covering-for-cement-patio.html]floor covering for cement patio[/url] after the European Code was exposed there are many fraudulent consumer behavior, the China Forest Products Industry

Association said for the first time yesterday (video): vinyl composite tile floor waxOu Dian handling of the incident is irresponsible, reaction Delaying to apologize and avoiding the truth is a false one. The Association will not protect the European Code and does not want the entire industry to collapse.[url=http://graypantherstwincities.org/cheap/3315-floorboards-manufacturer-definition.html]floorboards manufacturer definition[/url] Zhang Lin, president of the China National Forest Products Industry Association, made the above statement on the 22nd in an interview with CCTV Economic

Information Network.rust stains on composite tile This is the first statement of the industry associations that the European Code has been defrauding consumers. At this year's 3.15 party, the European code floor was exploding with many fraudulent consumer behaviors. When talking about the reaction after the explosion of the European code,[url=http://graypantherstwincities.org/safety/6683-ikea-privacy-screen-outdoor.html]ikea privacy screen outdoor[/url] Zhang Lin evaluation: the response is not in place, can not make consumers satisfied, Ou Dian has been avoiding the real.

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