Since there really is no place for us newcomers to introduce ourselves, I decided to make a place. I'll start. I'm Ashley, apparently, and I'm from WI. I just wanted to meet cool people who like Hellyeah!

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yes....yes it is very dull. lol. any cool pages you can think of off hand?
hey ashley,im one of the lucky ones to have gotten to meet dime and have a beer with him,im a huge fan of him and vinnys,love all things metal and life in general.i have been a tattoo artist for 8 years and play bass,hit me up sometime.
damn thats awesome! Your lucky to have gotten to meet him, let alone have a beer with him lol.
hola I'm Dave in LA whats going on
hola dave, not much here just chillin after work. hows it over in L.A.?
Hi Ashley
My 10 yr old heard me listening to hellya and loved it.
time to introduce him to pantera!!
vinnie is still an amazing drummer.. total balls
I certainly hope my son's musical journey is somehow influenced by dime's life... I never met dime but to see him up on stage, the home vids and everything else, you can feel the kindness and love for life he had.
thats awesome your 10 yr old is into hellyeah. My son is 2, and I had Mudvayne playing on my stereo at home, I turned it off and he went and started wining by the stereo saying "on" lol so I definatly feel ya there! I never got to see dime on stage, but just because of how he still lives on through all who still show love for him shows what kind of person he really was.
shit. whats everyone up to these days. apparently being on the hellyeah website is not something we are all up to!
lol yeah but the interaction on this site was going so well! maybe people these days have those things called lives, unlike me lol. I will have to check that site out. Im a big facebook'er, so any social networky thingy will catch my interest.



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