been formally applied for national patents. No matter what kind of floor, simple plank country fence on slopein the production process, it is necessary to coat the surface with a layer of paint in order to improve its various physical and chemical properties. At present, floorboard core production technology has almost no secret at all,[url=http://livehawaii.org/fence/7325-Exterior-Pvc-Wall-Material-Wood-Composite-Panel.html]Exterior Pvc Wall Material Wood Composite Panel[/url] and the key to determining the quality of flooring is on this layer of paint. In terms of wear resistance, traditional wear-resistant flooring generally

has two major categories: one is to work hard on paint materials,Alankara Wood Door Pics and the other is to add anti-abrasive powder (such as aluminum oxide) containing anti-wear components to the paint, but only The wear resistance of the surface does not solve the intrinsic wear resistance of the product itself,[url=http://originalbuffalowings.org/product/4396-faux-wood-interior-wall-cladding.html]faux wood interior wall cladding[/url] so the service life is short; the other is to increase the thickness of the paint film during the coating process. As a result, although the wear resistance

of the floor surface is felt to increase, the wear resistance decreases.veranda stair railing angle brackets The film adhesion, at the same time, but also because the paint film layer is too much, it will often hide the natural texture of the wood itself, greatly reducing the visual effect after the pavement.[url=http://livehawaii.org/panel/11260-Composite-Wood-Foamed-Pvc.html]Composite Wood Foamed Pvc[/url] The first floor of the blue-and-white porcelain craftwork was selected from the raw materials for paints, and used enamel ingredients containing natural cobalt. At the same time,

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