A handstove is a long censer in the hand of a traveler for the Buddha.

In the FaYuan ZhuLin, recorded between huang chiung caleb said Ye Fo incense burner: "before a little cloud: 16 t white elephant, don't play in the beast head lotus China thought furnace, lions ceng ju, the top have round ChengJinHua Kowloon, jin tai bao son when in China, the Buddha is often of the furnace, the concept of the present system of hand warmer, a small imitation method."

A copper incense burner was unearthed in the 2nd tang tomb of chifeng mountain, changsha, hunan province. The base was covered with lotus, with small pillars and xiangdutong, and a gilt beast on its hilt. The incense burner was full of embers for the Buddha's use.

There is also a piece of copper aromatherapy, spherical furnace body, furnace cover in the shape of a cone, the base of the bell shape. It was mutilated when unearthed. The same style of hand cookers also appeared in various tang tombs, which indicates that hand cookers were quite popular in tang dynasty. Although the incense burner of tang dynasty still had boshan furnace, fragrant ball and fragrant incense, but the incense burner that appeared in the frescoes of buddhist grottoes was mainly hand furnace and boshan furnace.

In the mogao grottoes paintings in dunhuang, it is often seen that the supporting figures hold the hand stove. For example, in the collection of the British museum, there is a picture of the bodhisattva of the tang dynasty in dunhuang, which is colored silk road, in which the bodhisattva holds a bronze hand stove.

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