1, birch direct do solid wood flooring is not appropriate, you can do parquet, because birch mechanical strength, elasticity, hygroscopicity, dry and easy to crack warping. It is not very durable in an easily decaying environment, and the production materials of solid wood flooring require hard texture, wear-resistance and stability, and these are undoubtedly contrary to the performance of birch.

2. Birch wood is light brown to reddish-brown and used as flooring, furniture, pulp, interior decoration materials, vehicle and boat equipment, plywood, etc. Cold, fast-growing, more immune to pests and diseases, used for reforestation, control of soil erosion, protective cover or conservation of trees. More demanding moist, fertile sand or loam, sowing and grafting breeding. It is found in the cold regions of the northern hemisphere. Birch itself is easy to process, combined with some artificial panels made of solid wood flooring can not only save costs, and birch wood grain than many hardwood wood grain to look good, therefore, birch is often used to make parquet.

3. Birch generally refers to the generic name of about 100 species of trees and shrubs of birch. The edges of single leaves are serrated or shallowly split, and the fruit is a small samara. The birch bark is smooth, with resin, white or variegated, and has lenticels that run horizontally. It usually flaking off into thin slices. The bark of the old tree trunk is thick and has deep grooves that crack into irregular segments. The short, slender shoots of the saplings were lifted up to form a narrow tower-shaped canopy.

I believe that after you see this, you already know more about a birch. You need regular cleaning in your daily life. When cleaning the floor, you must be careful not to use a lot of water. You can wipe it gently with a wet towel. Waxing the floor on a regular basis is good for the maintenance and maintenance of the floor. In addition, the paint must be well-finished, such as paint.

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