Nowadays, wooden floors sold on the market are no longer limited to solid wood floors, but rather a category concept including a large variety of wooden flooring. The current building materials market, the main wooden floor with solid wood flooring, laminate flooring and parquet, there are some "alternative" flooring, such as cork flooring, bamboo flooring. In addition to direct sunlight to prevent scratches and to maintain the appropriate humidity, the different types of wood flooring are still slightly different maintenance.

Solid wood flooring is dried by wood, after the formation of the ground processing of decorative materials, the basic maintenance of the natural wood patterns, feet feel comfortable and safe to use. From the leaching paint surface technology to the second generation of V-type, U-groove surface technology, and now many brand-name solid wood flooring has a high degree of wear resistance, the possibility of deformation is greatly reduced.

Maintenance of solid wood flooring to be more complex, usually floor finish, it is best to paint within a week. As a rule of thumb, the way waxing protects wooden floors better, because the wax can penetrate into the wood and prevent it from spoiling or deforming. The new paved wood flooring is best to hit the wax once a month. After a quarter or six months to maintain it. Do not use solid wax unless the floor has been worn badly. General solid wax suitable for more than five years of solid wood flooring, but once sufficient, and usually use liquid wax.

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