compressed circulation sector,Best Waterproof Wood Laminate Flooring we have increased the ex-factory price by 5% this year and the sales channels will try their best to digest it. The price of timber is almost 50% faster. The price of freight has risen. Some chemical raw materials and oil prices are increasing.[url=http://suntower.org/green/3052-indeck-decking-effect-striped-vinyl-flooring.html]indeck decking effect striped vinyl flooring[/url] Workers' wages also increase their prices every year. This is unstoppable. Every year, GDP is increasing. It is not normal to actually have cheap things every year. The

competition in the industry is becoming increasingly fierce.tongue and groove ceiling tiles Although the sound of floor prices is getting louder and louder, it should be noted that most of these sounds come from flooring manufacturers. According to reports, currently there are more than 400 companies that produce high-density plates in China,[url=http://floor.suntower.org/eco/5899-non-combustible-unique-flooring-materials-for-balconies.html]non combustible unique flooring materials for balconies[/url] with an annual production capacity of about 25 million cubic meters, and more than 800 companies that have more than

380,000 square meters of laminate flooring production capacity.buy instant outdeck flooring india The market capacity of laminate flooring is only about 150 million square meters. From this point of view, it is an indisputable fact that China's oversupply of the wood flooring industry has been excessive. An industry source, who declined to be named,[url=http://suntower.org/eco/2826-wood-tile-flooring-manufacturers.html]wood tile flooring manufacturers[/url] said that rising floor prices do not rule out the possibility of manufacturers speculation, but also does not rule out that some

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