Integration into the global economy, there are four major types of flooring in China (solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, and impregnated paper laminates. Wood flooring and bamboo flooring products have been recognized by the international market, and their export volume has been increased Year by year, forcing Europe and the United States to use barriers such as anti-dumping trade barriers and technical barriers to suppress China'sf Loor exports. However,exterior grade plywood supplier in dubai China's momentum in entering the international

market is still unstoppable, especially The export volume of laminate flooring is more, and the export volume of wood flooring will increase slightly, among which the export volume of laminate flooring will still be The totalest volume, and the number of solid wood flooring will decline due to raw material restrictions,garage roof tiles composite decking and the export volume of bamboo flooring will be huge. Still export-oriented. The total sales volume of domestic wood flooring continues to grow steadily, but the proportion Of sales structure will be adjusted. Laminated

wood floors will keep steadily increasing. Solid wood floors will drop sharply. Solid wood flooring will be multi-layered and three-layered. The surface layer is thick leather and thin skin. As the number continues to Increase, the sales volume of solid wood flooring will continue to increase. 1. The shortage of resources has prompted the price increase of solid wood and laminate flooring.wood plastic composite electrical pole Matter which type of wood flooring is a resource product, raw materials such as logs, floor blanks, wood chips, and veneers cannot be

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