development trend of the flooring industry must be an effective combination of strong brands,walksure slip resistant decking around pool qualifications, capital, prices, quality, and management. The flooring industry will be like home appliance brands tomorrow, and the market will be highly centralized. [url=http://babyhorse.org/building/5428-Redwood-Patio-Furniture-For-Sale.html]Redwood Patio Furniture For Sale[/url]The harsh war is about to start and the story of a big fish eating fish will be performed. Choosing a strong brand is an opportunity to join the ranks of big fish. Myagazine: What's your

comment on the Shanxi market?simple pavilion plans Peng Hongbin: There is great potential. But I know that the best brand in Shanxi is neither Coron nor the “icon” but a local brand. However, I personally think that the intensified flooring industry will be a national industry. Only if it is successful nationwide can it succeed in all cities.[url=http://livehawaii.org/fence/9921-How-To-Waterproof-Deck-With-Sanded.html]How To Waterproof Deck With Sanded[/url] If there is no national market as a support, there will be some pressure. Why was the “Godfather” staff appraised: Peng Zong

is not the same as the boss he used to contact.use pvc deck of composite wood Peng Hongbin is high-profile, loves to speak, loves to appear, and the brain and action react very quickly. He usually contacts his subordinates with a text message. He can send text messages while he speaks. There must be an answer on the same day.[url=http://originalbuffalowings.org/green/169-ecological-outdoor-decking-importers-in-thailand.html]ecological outdoor decking importers in thailand[/url] Once, Peng Hongbin sent a message to his subordinates asking for product sales and inventory on Monday. His message was written like

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