Moderator:advantages of using timber in construction Under the circumstances of the financial crisis everyone's profits have been reduced, some factories and distributors also have a problem of profitability, then how do we consider this issue, we have not introduced some measures to help dealers with Do we overcome the difficulties together? Su Jianghua:[url=http://graypantherstwincities.org/cheap/1833-never-rot-recycle-frame.html]never rot recycle frame[/url] This is certainly true. We mean that on the one hand, the company will introduce preferential policies to support them.

For example, if they engage in activities,decking options northwest in korea such as engaging in promotional activities, group buying companies will have some policies to provide support from products and help them directly from the factory team involved. On the other hand, we have a training center for this year's company.[url=http://ghsmp.org/floor/4201-recycled-wood-plastic-granuals-demand-in-india.html]recycled wood plastic granuals demand in india[/url] We will guide each province in the development of one-to-one training, including instructors who will provide them with professional and practical

training. Then I will also select some talents to help them.best way to clean vinyl composite deck He will say how you trust consumers in this activity, or how you create popularity. Many aspects need our help. Let them observe, you feel that the effect of doing this will not make you profitable. Zhang Xuecheng:[url=http://ghsmp.org/fence/1539-green-on-deck-composite.html]green on deck composite[/url] We are planning to launch a promotion project of the German Dezhe Wood Industry in 2009. The main thing is to take into account the further close to the consumer, so

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