manufacturers are looking for distributors is because dealers are familiar with the local market, have offline customers, can provide financing (receive cash),wood ranch no deformation fence have political and business relations, and have the value of goods distribution. But in essence,[url=http://livehawaii.org/floor/12189-Composite-Decking-Panel-Price.html]Composite Decking Panel Price[/url] the reason why manufacturers need distributors is not because they will not do the market, but the cost of doing it themselves is too high. Therefore, the dealer's most important ability that

cannot be replaced by the manufacturer is its low-cost distribution capability. Outdoor Plastic Wood TilesDealers can gain more initiative in the dialogue with the manufacturers through horizontal strategic cooperation, mutual sharing or integration of resources, lowering their own operating costs,[url=http://originalbuffalowings.org/green/7624-garden-bench-slats-replacement.html]garden bench slats replacement[/url] and improving market operations and sales efficiency. The author also believes that branding in circulation will become a future trend. Through "integrated vertical" and

"Lianheng,"What Is Synthetic Wood Board there will be influential dealer brands in the future. These dealers will no longer be subject to a certain brand, and will be transformed into agency multi-brand industry distributors and terminal specialty service providers; and manufacturers and distributors will be more in the form of strategic cooperation. "Lian Lian Lianheng" forced the channel revolutionary dealers to form an alliance that cannot be formalized.[url=http://livehawaii.org/deck/11771-Pvc-Lattice-Panels-Uk.html]Pvc Lattice Panels Uk[/url] Instead, it should

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