other guests present.Teak Plywood In Maryland Zeng Zhiwen: The implementation of low-carbon is a reduction of costs for enterprises. Zeng Zhiwen: I want to look at the low-carbon issue from a different point of view in terms of companies. In fact, for our company, we think that the implementation of low-carbon in factories is not possible.[url=http://livehawaii.org/panel/8325-Deck-Building-Butt-2x6-Together.html]Deck Building Butt 2x6 Together[/url] It is the cost increase, but it is the cost reduction. Because firstly, the first person knows the importance of low-carbon, no

matter whether the company executives or the company’s leading cadres or even all the company’s employees,Green Product Plastic Wood everyone under the influence of the big environment knows the importance of low-carbon. How can everyone, as a company, be able to implement low-carbon,[url=http://livehawaii.org/panel/1253-Campuran-Bahan-Material-Pembuatan-Panel-Precast.html]Campuran Bahan Material Pembuatan Panel Precast[/url] do their best? It's simple, to reduce costs at every step. Originally, the paper used one side and now uses two sides. To reduce this waste is actually to reduce

costs. This kind of cost reduction can save energy. Fiberon Decking LiquidationThe cost reduction is in fact low carbon. We not only say that all people have such a concept. Now it is here. In a big environment, the company is doing its best to make a low-carbon effort. How to do it? In every aspect, they try to reduce the number of processes and increase efficiency.[url=http://livehawaii.org/deck/1773-Pool-Deck-Pavers-Naples-Fl.html]Pool Deck Pavers Naples Fl[/url] For example, unnecessary electricity, unnecessary process cancellation, unnecessary waste of things,

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