The biggest difference between solid wood flooring and floor tiles is the long service life, so even if solid wood flooring is more expensive than floor tiles, the investment in the early stage is larger than the floor tiles, but in the long run, it will save much more than the floor tiles, and save time and effort.

The material of solid wood flooring is from nature, all natural wood, free of formaldehyde, and will not affect human health. It depends mainly on the quality of the floor you choose. Is it real solid wood flooring? Good solid wood flooring is also very flexible. When you walk barefoot on the floor, you can clearly feel the softness and comfort of the solid wood floor.

In terms of temperature, solid wood flooring can be said to be cool in winter and cool in summer, so it can play a role in regulating indoor temperature. Winter will not be as cold as a floor tile, and it will be hot in summer. Due to the small thermal conductivity, solid wood flooring will be very hot, but it will be somewhat cool. Solid wood flooring is natural wood because it is from nature, so its texture is the kind of natural feeling, so the appearance and texture of solid wood flooring are very good.

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