Hellyeah Looking For "Hellyeah Girls"

posted Tuesday, August 28, 2007 at 04:14:29 AM by Diamond Oz. (thanks BW&BK)

MTV.com has issued the following report:

HELLYEAH - the band featuring members of MUDVAYNE, PANTERA and NOTHINGFACE - are on the hunt for a dozen women they'd like to act as their "Hellyeah Girls".

The winners will be featured in the band's 2008 calendar. To enter, contestants need to post an audition video to Break.com and send a link to the clip to hellyeahtv@gmail.com .

The Pulse Of Radio recently issued the following Hellyeah update from Don Kaye:

Hellyeah plans to stay on the road beyond September, when it finishes up it's current run on the Family Values tour with KORN, EVANESCENCE and others.

That could complicate matters for singer Chad Gray and guitarist Greg Tribbett, who recently completed a new album with their other band, Mudvayne.

But Gray told us that he's confident everything will fall into place: "Obviously we've got some Mudvayne commitments and stuff that are getting ready to come up, and we're, like, right in the middle of all of that right now. I'm dealing with my other two members of Mudvayne and stuff, and everything's really great right now between all of us. They're being really super supportive of what Greg and I doing in our headspace and it's really exciting. So we're just gonna try to carve out a little more time for Hellyeah and figure out the Mudvayne thing when it comes up."

Gray said that he expects the new Mudvayne album, the band's fourth, to come out either near the end of this year or very early in 2008.

Hellyeah's debut disc has sold 155,000 copies since coming out in April.

Hellyeah is one of the bands included on the soundtrack of Electronic Arts' new Madden NFL 08 video game. The group will also appear as featured artists at EA.com's "EA Trax" section.

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